About Wing Heaven Wings and reviews

Welcome to Wing Heaven where proud to have sauced and tossed over a million wings and we look forward to serving up millions more.

At Wing Heaven, people strive to use the finest ingredients, our own specialty seasoning for wings and 18 delicious signature sauces to create an incredible “comeback” experience time and time again.  Their wings are marinated in our specialty seasonings, which creates a flavor that is entirely different and simply delicious. Also have no less than nine different seasonings to flavor side orders. They believe that wings really are the new burgers. We also have our own specialty breading for fish.

The future of Wing Heaven looks bright; we envision hundreds or even thousands of stores across the United States. We are on a mission to make Wing Heaven a household name when it comes to delicious, affordable food.

Let’s face it, everyone loves wings and at Wing Heaven “Only the Good Chickens Make It In!”

Our business model is to serve our customers with quality and professionalism. It is our goal to empower and enable motivated entrepreneurs to strengthen their communities through Wing Heaven franchises.

Wing Heaven is proud to be in the forefront of providing nutritionally responsibility yet delicious food to its customers. “Wing Heaven is always quality and health conscious” says CEO Tom Walker. “With today’s nutritional and health concerns being a top priority, we always try transfat free.”

Walker adds, “Various Health Departments’ Food Inspectors frequently visit our restaurants for lunch. I love it when they come in because I know that we run clean, professional establishments.” We are very proud of Wing Heaven, its people and the food.



Peter M.

This renovated Pizza Hut sits right on busy South Blvd making an easy in/out and plenty of parking, too.  I was promptly greeted by the nicest guy, Steve?, who expertly fielded my questions and handled my order.  Flawless.My order of spicy/sweet buffalo wings were delicious.  Their version is more akin to Thai-style that are tender, juicy, fall-off-da-bone rather than the sturdier, fry-the-hell-outta-em Buffalo type.  Matter of taste for sure.  I liked them.My only complaint was the stir fry veggies in a spicy brown sauce.  By the time I arrived home the juice had leaked out of the flimsy container and into the plastic bag.   By then the dirty deed was done ("dirt cheap"--little AC/DC, thrown in for free).  The car smelled fantastic, however, all the way home . . . and then some. I think if you're nearby, find the ol' Pizza Hut building near Bill Spoon's BBQ, and give this place a whirl.  Enjoy!


Richard M.

My favorite express Chinese food restaurant in Charlotte, and I have high expectations from NYC!!! REALLY enjoyed their sesame chicken!


Tawanna M.

Decided I needed some Chinese. I ordered vegetarian delight for .95 and a large tea. I had some difficulty recognizing the restaurant from my gps as signage was not apparent. I also had some trouble finding the door. The cashier was pleasant and answered my questions about vegetarian options. I got my food pretty quick and i was not upset about the taste. Good, inexpensive Chinese.


Juliana R.

I am a crazy about Chinese food specially when it comes to fried rice and wings!This place is not that far from my job so I went there for lunch to check them out. My husband told me so many times about this place but for some reason we always ended up going to different places. From outside it does not look that interesting, the decoration inside is very simplistic, but everything was clean and organized. The lady who was serving the food was very friendly. I got the S1, their special of 6 wings and shrimp fried rice, it cost me less than 8$. The place was not busy at all, the food came fast and for my surprise was a LOT of fried rice!The rice was soooo delicious, one of the best that I've ever had. The chicken was well seasoned and crunch as it was supposed to be. I have a feeling that I will be coming back here many times from now on.


Michael M.

Food is great!  Very nice service and food was hot when picked up.  Chicken wings are great, chicken and broccoli,  sesame chicken, fried rice and so on.  Will be going to order again!!


Diane W.

Are you kidding me? Worst wing ever. Fatty crap with lots of gross sauce covering it. Ordered 6 wings shrimp fried rice .55 plus bottle water only thing goid was water. Wasted .00 the sign make you think they specialize in wings not true. A dive Chinese restaurant. I'm not happy could not finish eating this slop!!!


Dionah T.

I came across this spot thanks to Yelp! My food respectfully tasted like chicken, so that much I definitely appreciated. However, the seasoning of everything was just ok. I would definitely try this place again, just maybe try something different other than the Sesame Chicken... besides, the staff was really nice.


Sean M.

Will where do I start... good service over All and the food was fresh but it had no taste at all. Also I ordered a spring roll that I never got to tease because they did not put it in the bag so I just left it didn't bother to call about it. probably was tasteless as well..


Brandy T.

Food was okay I ordered shrimp fried rice and paid a extra for shrimp that was smaller then a dime. Location clean and staff do their job not super friendly but not rude.


Fleece P.

Wing heaven definitely was not my idea of sketchy, I would call it a "hole in the wall" it's easy to miss if you're not looking up at the tiny white sign . The inside was very clean , service was fast and friendly . The menu was limited, not a lot like other Chinese restaurants, but they had your average dishes like General Tso, etc. I ordered the pepper steak and added broccoli. The portion size was average , enough to overly fill your belly . You have the option of an egg roll or spring rolls. I chose the spring roll and wasn't impressed, but like most Chinese restaurants this spring roll tasted bland , filled with cabbage and onions . My pepper steak didn't have a distinctive taste , it wasn't bad but I wouldn't order it again . I love the fact the steam white rice was an Asian brand vs . American. Asian rice is sticker and doesn't fall apart . I gave Wing Heaven 3Stars because my co-worker enjoyed his General Tso chicken, and the prices were fairly cheap , if I had to base it on my meal 2.5 , but this will not defer me from going back . Sometimes you may not order the right thing


Yush H.

Get food here for lunch pretty regularly. I always get the chicken, shrimp and beef in black pepper sauce. I'd call it a hole in the wall. Very delicious food, great value, and friendly staff. Portions are a good size for the price. Highly recommend this place.


Matt H.

The food is always good. Ther my favorite Chinese Restaurant in Charlotte. Very reasonable prices as well.


Jim E.

Wow. Definitely don't judge a book by the cover. Orders spicy honey wings. They are perfect. Hot sweet crispy.  And dang you get a lot of food. Definitely will come back. Really really good, clean and friendly


Paul C.

Paul's YER (Yelp Elite Rating): 3.75 Stars (Rounded UP)OK, so I was EXCITED to try this Mom and Pop's place soley based on the Yelp Reviews. Like everyone here has stated, it looks SOOOOOOOOO, hummm, "Iffy" from the outside? Yup, it sure does. But the INSIDE is CLEAN and inviting. No kidding. It's like something out of I Dream of Jeanie (yeah I'm THAT old to remember that stuff - yikes!), where Jeanie puts a Taj Mahal space inside a garage, etc.....Now I had NO problem communicating with the lady behind the counter. Thick Chinese accent? Yupper. Did she speak decent English? Yupper again! She was pleasant and friendly, and helped me make a selection since it was my first time here. So I read about the "amazing" General Tso's chicken, so that was a must. Someone said their Egg Rolls were "purdy goot" too, so thankfully they came with my entrees.....of which I got a SECOND one (because Chinese makes GREAT left over lunches!), and that second entree was their Beef Egg Foo Young. So I got an Egg Roll and a SPRING Roll (which was a great idea.....more on that later).And of course, being half Asian, I always order a rice dish, so I got their House Special Fried Rice. All for moi, one big eater who loves Chinese leftovers!What stood out? The Beef Egg Foo Young! THAT was DELICIOUS! To me much of it has to do with the brown sauce, and theirs seemed to be Teryiaki based but NOT too sweet, which was good. More like a savory sweet. I'm an Egg Foo Young manwhore so yes, I loved it! But NOT all EFYs are that good! This one was! Just about as good as Dragonfly's for somewhat less $$$. So 5 Stars for this dish.The Spring Roll was much better than the Egg Roll. Not that the Egg Roll was bad. But the Spring Roll was really crispy and reminded me more of a Thai Roll than a Chinese roll. Nonetheless, it was yummy! 4 Stars on the Spring Roll, 3 Stars for the Egg Roll.I was slightly disappointed with the General Tso's Chicken. It WAS good. But after reading the reviews I guess I was expecting AMAZING! While good, it was NOT "amazing" by any stretch of the imagination. It did have some nice heat which I really liked. But it wasn't as "crispy" as I'd like so 2.5 Stars for the GTC.The House Special Fried Rice was pretty good, with chicken, beef and shrimp. A 3 Star Effort.Each entree came with white or fried rice and an Egg Roll (like I did, you CAN opt for a Spring Roll which I recommend).Bottom line: LOTS of good quality food for not a whole lot of money! Definitely a business we should ALL support because this is NOT a chain restaurant. It's a hard working Mom and Pops effort so I recommend them to all my fellow Yelpers! I've passed this place up for as long as I've been here in Charlotte (since Feb 2011) and I judged this book by it's crappy cover. Don't make the same mistake I did. Come check them out then Yelp your review!


Ashley S.

Wow.  Yummmm.  I got chicken and broccoli with garlic sauce.  Probably the best I have ever had.  Absolutely phenomenal.  Very large portions and Very reasonably priced too.


Paula M.

The food is okay. Visiting for business and I wanted tome chicken; however, I found the meal I got here to be soggy and underwhelming. It was not wing heaven.


Trina M.

Best Chinese restaurant...and I only eat at one other restaurant. Food is hot and tastes like beef, chicken & pork respectively, not like mystery meat or beef, chicken or pork flavored meat. There is a scrambled egg in the fried rice. It was just all around great.


Devin G.

South blvd is pretty much hell on earth but this place is a little window into Chinese food heaven (not wing heaven by any stretch of the imagination. Their name is misleading to say the least). I have always wondered what the hell is going on inside this shady building. First thing you'll notice is that it's an old Pizza Hut building and there are bars on the windows customized with random items from their menu written on them.  I couldn't wait to get inside. I walk in and see a few people sitting in the dining room seemingly enjoying their meals. That was a promising sight because given the nature of this bizzare looking place, I was mentally prepared to be the only one eating while the owners stare at me. The woman at the front counter slides me a menu and waits for me to order. I told her this is my first time here and I'm excited to try the food! She replied with "ok" while pointing to the menu. Alright no problem, tough crowd but I'm ok with it. So I look at the menu and see the standard Chinese fare. The place is called wing heaven and according to their window (and menu) they offer said heaven in a five piece option. I have to try them along with something I'm used to getting from Chinese restaurants. So I look up and order 5 hot wings and general Tso chicken off the lunch menu. The lady didn't really understand and she started pointing to the menu again. Now I realize she doesn't know any English outside of the word "ok". So I start pointing at the menu to let her know what I want. I'm totally cool with not wanting to learn English because it's actually a difficult and complex language but if you're going to own and operate a restaurant here at least learn enough English to get by.  Minimally learn your menu so you don't have to point at the menu and make noises to communicate like cave people. Once I got my order in I went to the dining room to wait. I was pretty happy when I saw the family having lunch in the corner because their little daughter was listening to the Spanish version of the song "let it go" on an iPad and I love that song, but recently have been kind of over it so it was refreshing to hear a remix. The food came out in about 5 minutes and the gen Tso looked so good. The nice guy that brought out the food said "here you go, enjoy!" And I wanted to be like dude you need to work the counter.  I didn't though. I get right into it. I opened the box of wings and my fears became reality. It's your basic Chinese food wings. Breaded, overly big and not good looking. This just solidifies the fact that Chinese restaurants don't get it when it comes to wings. I tried one just to make sure, and yea they're horrible. The general Tso was unreal. Perfectly fried and extra spicy. The egg roll was on the small side but absolutely delivered on the taste factor. It was a thing of beauty. They even have what looks like a home made hot sauce bottled up on some of the tables. I put a bunch of that on the fried rice and it works. Big time. Stay far away from the wings but go hard on the normal stuff. Absolutely try this place.


Kat D.

This is what simple chinese food is suppose to be! Great fried rice! Many places in Charlotte have switched to white rice or plain fried rice with their combos :-( (sad I know) Wing Heaven is doing it right!


Marc W.

The portions are huge. The food is typical entry level chinese stuff, maybe a step above. This place is an old pizza hut, so don't expect too much in atmosphere. That said, the staff is super friendly, and the prices are really cheap. I don't eat here often, but if you are really hungry and want pretty good food at a great price, stop on in.